Source Code of BigData Hive Connector node

i can’t find ‘org.knime.bigdata.hive_3.5.3.v201804050930.jar’ source code
i’m really need this source code
please tell me
how find this source code…
thank you :slight_smile:

Hi Gon,

this will unfortunately take some more time. We will reply here as soon as we have them published.

thank you:)
i’ll wait for them forever.

Hello, I need this source code, too.
I want to know when do you open it.
And… If I buy KNIME Server (Large edition), can I get this source code?

two years passed, what’s going on now ? Are there any updates on this topic?

unfortunately the source code is still not available on Github. However you can have a look at the source code if you use the KNIME SDK and add the big data extensions to your workspace as described here.