Space in disc

I’m scared of the space occupied on my hd.
The Knime server solves this I think. I don’t have Knime server. Could we have some other solution, like Knime web?

@Aldemir I assume this is ‘just’ the KNIME software (and not the KNIME workflows in the knime-workspace? One of my KNIME installations has around 8 GB on the disc. Xcode App by Apple has 23 GB. The question is what you would consider a large program. If you have many extensions installed KNIME will become larger.

You can try and save some disc space. In the case of KNIME this mostly would involve saving workflows in a reset state so that they would not contain the data in each node (which is one of the features of KNIME nonetheless). With modern program files there is not much you can do (besides un-installing extensions you would not need). Only solution would be to get a larger machine with more disc space (and RAM).

This has been a constant fact of live since the beginning of (computer) time: you never have enough resources. Bringing something in a cloud environment might help you be more flexible but you have to take into account things like: cost, privacy and management of the instances (there is KNIME on AWS - though I have never used it myself)

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thank you @mlauber71 for your feedback. This does not include the flows, only the program. I understand that the more I install features the size will increase. I hope that with this 5G, the speed of the internet will allow us to use the programs in the clouds. I use the strategy of resetting the flows. This helps a lot!

Though (naturally :-)) I am all in favour of 5G I very much doubt that within the next 5 years local computers will replaced by the cloud thru mobile networks.

And if you want you can already have KNIME in the Cloud on AWS and Azure where you will also be able to scale your resources according to your needs:

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