Space in variable names in Tableau Writer vs. Send to Tableau Server

Hello, have others experienced a difference in variable names when using the Tableau Writer vs. Send to Tableau Server?

Normally Tableau automatically adds a space to variable names in cases such as:

ReportDate -> Report Date
FirmName -> Firm Name

When I generate the Tableau extract using the Tableau Writer node, Tableau Desktop does add these spaces as expected. But somehow the spaces are not added if I use the Send to Tableau Server node and replace the data source in Tableau Desktop. None of such fields will automatically get matched together and I need to manually ‘replace references’ from the one with space to the one without. This can be quite laborious as I often develop workbooks with local files before deploying the data on the server.

Does this something to do with Tableau Server itself, or is there something in the Send to Tableau Server node that prevents the spaces to be added?

Hey Pzkor,

If you found an answer to this please let us know. Unfortunately I don’t have access to any Tableau Servers.

Wali Khan

Hi Wali, unfortunately I don’t know any more than at the time.

Since the post I have just completely stopped uploading data extracts manually and use the ones pushed directly to the server instead.

I would prefer seeing the variable names with a space, but consistency is more important