Spark Executor Preferences


I am using Hortonworks Sandbox enviroment. Spark service is started successfully on Ambari service.

I am unable to connect to Spark from Knime. What would be default Spark jobserver port number for Sandbox enviroment.  or do we need to connect to spark-sql thrift server. I tried with default spark history-server port number 18080 and with default thrift port number 10015 but could not able to connect to spark.  When tried to create a Spark RDD from the Knime data table, it is failing with Jobserver is down or invalid. Please advise.

File>Preferences>Knime>Spark:   Job Server URL:






Hi Madhu,


Spark jobserver is not included in the Hortonworks Sandbox.You have to install it into the virtual machine. We provide a package and installation guide PDF in the Installation section of our Spark Executor product page:




Thank you.. Its working.