SPARQL ASK not working

Hi all. Does anybody knows how to perform an ASK query ?
I tried both SPARQL Query Node, that returns Not a ResultSet result error and SPARQL Executor Node that returns error as in following image

The query is :

PREFIX bf2: <> 
 prefix schema:<> 
 ASK where { 
  ?instance bf2:title <> .
  ?instance bf2:subject ?s .

if executed into Endpoint Frontend it works fine

the SPARQL Query node uses the execSelect method of the Jena framework to execute the queries. This is the reason why you can not execute an ASK statement in the node.
I’m afraid you need to rewrite the ASK statement into a query with a limit constraint as long as no ASK node is available in KNIME Analytics Platform. I have created a ticket to develop a SPARQL ASK node.

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