Spatial Processing Nodes

Hi there,

I tried to install KNIME Spatial Processing Nodes v1.2.2 extension; and it stopped my Knime instance from working - the start screen was frozen and would not launch my workbench.
I’ve had to re-install Knime on my laptop.

Just wanted to check if anyone else has had similar issues and if anyone’s got the Spatial Processing nodes working? Or is it available for use?

I wanted to import KML files with the extension and carry out some analysis + generate KML files afterwards.

@Sajith sorry for the trouble. Do you use KNIME Analytics Platform 4.0.2 or or 4.1.0 build?



Hi @Sajith,

Can you please try again now? I detected some issues with the shapefile extension that should be fixed now.
Please make sure you do not have the nightly community update site enabled, as the version of the shapefiles extension that is distributed there is likely to cause problems.


Hi there, apologies for the delay in response. My build version was 4.0.2 and I’ve tried to install the extension recently and it’s working now. Thanks for the assistance!


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