Special groupby and concatenate

Hi everyone,

I am trying to group by some data, but I cannot obtain the result I need. My problem will be easier to explain with an example:

Let's say I have two columns, each contains the IDs of a book in two different bookshops.

ID_shop1     ID_shop2

A     1

A     2

B     2

A, B, 1 and 2 represent the same book. I can use the 'groupby' node and concatenate to get:

A     1, 2

B     2

Now I would like to have this result:

A, B     1, 2

Is it possible to do this with Knime?

I would be really grateful for any help/ideas,



Hi Lau,

you can use a groupBy node to do so. Use for both columns the concatenate unique function without selecting any columns to group by.