specific character filtering


I have a large number or irrelevant data which I would like to filter out.

For eg: I would like to filter rows having '01.01.2000' from a column. But this loaded data is in this format '01.01.2000 11:33'

I would just like to filter out all the rows having '01.01.2000'

You could just add a wildcard, *, after the '01.01.2000' I think.

Rule-Based Row Filter would be your node of choice for this I believe.

I tried but I cant filter it.

Hello nakuld,

The String way is what Luuklag said.

But as it is a date there is another way to do it:

You can use String to Date/Time to make it a date-type. Then you have different options.

  1. Extract Time Window
  2. Mask Date/Time
  3. Date Field Extractor
  4. Time to String

Different approaches with different benefits depending on the specific situation. I suggest you have a look at some of them, because the Time Series plugin is quite neat and offers some really handy tools.