Specific Days Loop with Date&Time-based Row Filter?

Hey there!

I am struggling with a Loop and actualy i dont know if i can use a Loop with the Date&Time-based Row Filter. The workflow is attached and the loop should end after the GroupBy node.

The Workflow works fine for one defined timerange but there are more timeranges to evaluate. At the moment i evaluate each timerange seperate with the Date*time-based Row-Filter. Implementing a variable loop would be great, so i could define the timeranges with variables, but i actualy dont know how.

Any ideas or tips?

DPM_373.knwf (35.8 KB)
AllInstruments.txt (424.1 KB)

Is the workflow you shared configured correctly? I can’t run it to see what it does:

  1. The CSV reader is set up to use the first row as column headers but there are no column headers
  2. The data you shared doesn’t have any of the dates specified by your Date&Time Based Row Filter node, so we can’t evaluate the workflow as given to see what’s actually being done.
  3. The String to Date&TIme node is looking for a specific column that doesn’t exist in the data
  4. The Lag Column and Math Formula nodes refer to named columns that don’t exist.

Anyway, what are the ranges that you want to evaluate?

If they’re regular/systematic, I’d try using a Window Loop for this. Just specify that the loop is time based, and you can use variables to define the windows.

If they’re not, then you can have a table with the ranges specified, and use a Table Row to Variable Loop to feed them into the Date&Time Row Filter one at a time.


seems like i messed up the txt data file with false copie paste. The original data is too big for upload. The exact time ranges are in at the moment not so important as it is a realy simple workflow. It just compares some datapoints and calculates means.

DMP_373_new.knwf (40.2 KB)
AllInstruments.txt (2.6 MB)

The ranges are not systematic. You also can just define some random ranges for testing. I will look up the Table Row to Variable Loop and see if i can manage it.

It worked! Thank you very much @elsamuel ! :smiley:


Here’s what the loop looks like:

I made up some ranges in the Table Creator node:

Converted them to variables and used them in the Date&Time Based Filter node:

At the end of the loop there are results for all 3 ranges:

Edited to add: Looks like we both posted at the same time. Good to see that you got it to work.


maybe you like to share it for others on the hub as well

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