Specific For loop guidance

Hi there,

I am having problem with finding the solution using a for loop.

An excel sheet (Input.xls) as attachment with 40 rows (Float) and 4 columns (X (integer) and Y1,Y2 and Y3 (Float) 

Every column has numbers decreasing up to a specific row and then increasing further decreasing.

How can I use KNIME for loop to check for every row and compare with the corresponding row and so on

for example:  second column second row B2 (cell ) with B3

( if B2 < B3, then B3 and B3 < B4, then B4) continuing to the end of the column and for the corresponding columns 

Can anybody guide about the same.


Thanks for your time



Hi DN,

You don't need a loop for this. Instead, you can use a Lag Column node. This gives you a new column with a lagged value. You can then use a Rule Engine node to compare the values of those columns.



Hi Roland,

Thanks for the reply.

What if there are multiple column, then should I not need a for loop for all columns in the excel sheet (as comparing one column and the lag column)