Specify names on workflow writer with multiple inputs

Hi everyone,

I am trying to work with the “Integrated Deployment” nodes.

I am having an initial knime workflow that captures the end-to-end workflow similar to the one shown below:

and another knime workflow that is calling the captured workflow:


This setup works fine the first time, but when I am trying to make changes to the first flow (and save them with the “Workflow Writer” node) and then run the second workflow, the “Call Workflow Service” node complains:

ERROR Call Workflow Service 0:1 Execute failed: Parameter name “workflow-input-862” doesn’t match any node in the workflow, valid parameter names are: [“workflow-input-863”, “workflow-input-864”]

I think the issue is because I cannot specify distinct workflow input names on the “Workflow Writer” node:

If I reconfigure the “Call Workflow Service” node it would work again but is there a way to overcome that?


Can you share your worklow here?

Thanks, yes, here they are.

workflow_capture_question.knwf (18.3 KB)
test_workflow_workflow_capture_questions.knwf (10.7 KB)

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