Split a table using a row that may not always be in same place

Hello, I am a newer user. Looking to find a way to split a table and keep information above a certain row. The row is not fixed and may move up or down when processing multiple files

Hi @Ricks123, welcome to the forum.

I think you need to provide more details. When you say you want to “split a table and keep information above a certain row” what do you want to happen to the information below that row?
More importantly what is the logic behind the choice of this “certain row”?

Without knowing anything else about your application, I’d say that using the Rule-Based Row Splitter sounds like the best approach.

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Thanks for responding. The info above the row can be filtered out. I tried using the rule based splitter but I won’t know the data in rows above only certain rows are predictable. Not sure if this helps clarify.

Like elsamuel suggested you could use the filter to check whether the specific criteria you use for the split is occuring and based on that split. So it is dynamic

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thx for feedback
Sorry , probably need to provide more info:

  1. I will know a certain row in each file
    2 I would like to keep the row I know and all above
  2. I would like to discard all rows below
  3. I will not know anything about rows above or below the row I know
  4. The row I know will not be in the same row # all the time

Thx for any help

HI @Ricks123 It is not clear how do you identify the row you’d use to split. Could you please elaborate?

Use a Row Filter node and specify the range of row numbers you’d like to include, i.e. from row 1 to your “certain row”.

I will know the row content but the row # will change from file to file

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