Split data if it does not contain text

My data set includes numbers and text in the same column. I´d like KNIME to split data if the cell contains number but not if it contains text. Is there a possibility to do so?

Hello @soninya and welcome to the KNIME community

This challenge description sounds like a regex job to me. We could help you to find a convenient solution, if you can provide a representative sample data of column’s target formats. Adding an example of expected output too, would be a plus.



Hello @gonhaddock and thanks for the welcoming words :wink:

See a table with input and expected output attached.


Book1.xlsx (8.8 KB)

Hello @soninya
Thank you for the example data. You can try with ‘Regex Split’ node:





Hello @gonhaddock. This works well, thank you!!

I have another data set where numbers are separated by “.” looking like this: “10.100.110 Text”
With the Regex above the number is split like this: “10.” " 100.110 Text"
Can you help me to adjust the Regex so that it would be split like this: “10.100.110” “Text”

Thank you!


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Hello @soninya
This code is working in my side:




Thanks for your help!

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