Split data into different sheets in the same workbook

Hi everyone! In my excel workbook I have a column with around 100.000 keywords. Now I want to have these keywords in different sheets with 10.000 rows each, but in one common workbook. How can I do that? Thanks for any of your ideas!
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Here is a basic approach to splitting the dataset, you should just need to swap the table writer out for the Excel writer and control the sheet name via flow variable.


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That requires a loop and some more configuration of the Excel writer. I attached you an example
SplitDataToDifferentSheets.knwf (160.8 KB)
hope that helps and can serve as a starting point.



Hi Alice! Thank you for the perfect solution, it works fine! :smiley:

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Hi iCFO, thanks for the solution! :smiley:

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