Split row with missing values with rule-base row splitter

Hi colleagues,

is there any way to split row from a table if a column value has missing value? For example I would have on the top split the row with not missing values, and on the bottom I would have the row that has missing values on one or more columns.

I have already tried with:

MISSING $the_name_of_my_column$ =>FALSE

But it seems ignoring that rule.

Thanks in advice.

Hi, in a similar situation I needed to invert the logic. I couldn't figure out why FALSE was not working: MISSING $the_name_of_my_column$ => TRUE (exclude instead of include them)

What about the Java Snippet Row Filter (Java based null checking) or the normal row splitter with the option "only missing values match" serially concatenated for the columns intended to split? 

Hi stev-io, thank you for your reply,

I have inverted the logic on rule-base row splitter node (as you suggested) and it works!

You made my day :-)