Splitting cell strings from a table to different cells

What nodes should be used in order to achieve said goal ?
#1 png - What i have right now.
#2 png - What im aiming for.

ND1.knwf (86.5 KB)

Data that im working with

Hi @Zaza

You could potentially use a Regex Split node but that can be a bit tricky to properly write. You could also opt for a Column Expression node and build all the required columns directly from there using a RegexReplace function:

regexReplace(column("Row0"), "(.+?Specs)(\\d+).*", "$1")

regexReplace(column("Row0"), ".+?(\\d{4}).*", "$1")

regexReplace(column("Row0"), ".+?Specs\\d+(\\d+ hp / \\d+ kW).*", "$1")

regexReplace(column("Row0"), ".+?Specs\\d+\\d+ hp / \\d+ kW(\\d+ cm3 \\(.*?\\)).*", "$1")

Hope this helps!


Looking at your actual data source again, I noticed that one XPath Query is able to retrieve the same data.

You only have the change the last td[] in this query. The wildward in the dns:tr[] ensures that all records are retrieves within that table.



Thank you so much, it worked perfectly, have a great day/ evening ^^

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