splitting channels


I'm recording 4D image stacks (X,Y;Z for two different channels) on a Nikon system. I can read in the resulting nd2 files with an image reader node into KNIME. Since I want to process both channels separately I'm trying to figure out a way how to separate the channels so that each channel gets it's own column. I've tried the split node but with minimal success.



Hi Christian,

the Splitter-node from the Image Processing Extension should be the right choice (please be aware that in your node repository may reside possibly more than one node named "Splitter", but you need the one of the "Image" category) to solve your problem. If we consider you 4-D image then the only thing to configure is the "Dimension selection" with the dimensions "X,Y,Z" selected (which means that they will stay together in the result images, the non-selected dimensions will be split).  There is also another node called "Splitter (uncropped)" which essentially does the same job but doesn't crops the images as the "Splitter" node does. I.e. if the images in the input image column are not of the same size, the normal Splitter node will nevertheless produce images of the same size for each row with the least common dimension size. I attached a workflow which hopefully clarifies that ...



The Splitter node does the job now. Thanks Martin!



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