Splitting column based on date

I have a long list of integer readings in a column. Is there a way I am able to split this column by their dates and create new columns based on the month? eg. ReadingJan, ReadingFeb… I already have the month name on each row of reading in one of the column “month”. Thank you in advance!

See if pivoting will work for you

Use months as column headers

Unfortunately, this node was not able to help me as I wanted to spot any unusually high readings in a certain month using the box plot node. Therefore i need to split the “reading” column into “readingJan”, “readingFeb” and so on.

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How does your “reading” columns looks like or data in general? Maybe Cell Splitter would work for you?


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My data is air quality readings given in integers. It shows the air quality in one column with its corresponding month and year in another column.


You can split the column in n groups (based on months) with Group loop start. In the loop you can then process one by one the group data.

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Considering your explanation, I think the Regex Split node is what you need, but as @ipazin said, it would be very helpful to have a look at your input.



These are the data for the PM2.5 readings. I want to split the PM2.5 readings according to their months by creating new columns (PM2.5 Jan, PM2.5 Feb…) after they are categorised.

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as @izaychik63 said I think you should use Pivoting node but properly configured. Now not sure what exact output you would like to have but my guess would be you don’t need grouping columns, pivoting columns should be month and year (in case you want same month from different years in different columns or just skip year in case you want same month from different years in same column). Your column(s) of interest (pm2.5) should be listed under Manual Aggregation as with List aggregation. After this node apply Ungroup node on all list columns.

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