Splitting Columns from CSV file in Knime

Hello all , I am having issue separating the columns , I want to ask how do you split the column header according to its individual columns ?

many thanks :slight_smile:

Hi @ineztan9860 and welcome to the forum.

Is it possible you have a fixed-width format file?

It also might be that it’s a space or tab delimited file, in which case you could uncheck the “ignore spaces and tabs” checkbox and select the appropriate delimiter from the dropdown.

If you could post a sample file here in the forum, assuming it’s not confidential data, maybe someone can help further.

Is your column delimiter a space?

this is the file that I was given and I need to clean and transform this data .
when I use 'CSV reader" or “File Reader” , it still gave me the same result

I was suspecting that the delimiter is a space but, somehow it did not give me any changes

Can you upload the CSV file itself, as opposed to a screenshot? Excel does not always correctly represent the structure of the file.

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inez setB.xlsx (865.0 KB)

hi! hopefully you can see it as I have to change my file type from csv to xlsx in order for me to upload.

my original file type must be csv .

Hi @ineztan9860 , as @ScottF suggested, your file is “tab-delimited”, so if you are loading the csv using the CSV Reader, you need to enter \t as the column delimiter as follows:


If you are opening it with File Reader you need to specify as column delimiter like this:


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Hi, i have followed what you said accordingly.
Once i execute, the file table shown like this.