Splitting one row into various rows

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for my bachelor thesis I made a survey with round about 50 participents. The survey contains 35 questions. After the export of the survey into Knime I realized, that all questions are merged into one row. Now, I´d like to split this row and create one row for each question, because I need to check all results individually. Any tips on how to split the row? Thanks!

Hello @simondominik , and welcome to the KNIME forum.

Can you provide some more details about how your data looks like. And an example of your expected output.

From your description we can’t an idea on how your rows are merged…


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Of course!

You can see in the screenshot of my Knime Workflow, that the different rows of my export (Screenshot 2) have merged. My goal is to split the row “back into the normal form” to analyse the individual results. My goal is to create different graphs.

Hello @simondominik
Thanks for sharing. I don’t see a merge here, as each individual value is located at its own cell. Then no split is needed, as topic’s title suggested.

You can reshape your data to long format with the help of ‘Unpivoting’ v4 / ‘Unpivot’ v5 node. Include all these columns in the upper configuration box for ‘Value columns’; and the remaining ones in the lower box for ‘Retained columns’

I hope this node can solve your task.


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