Splitting Output from String Input Node to Multiple Row Filters Nodes

I have a String Input node that I'm using to server as the criteria for a row filter node. I have two databases that need the same criteria to be applied. Obviously I could create two String Input nodes, but any time I executed my workflow for a new analysis, both would have to be updated.

I'd like to have the output from the String Input node be available to both Row Filter nodes without having to duplicate the String Input node. Is this possible?

I've only been using knime for about two weeks, and it's great, so this could be something simple I'm overlooking, but it's not immediately intuitive to me and Google doesn't seem to be pulling anything up either. 

Just figured this out. It was as simple as selecting the output handle of the Select Input node and dragging in to the input of the second Row Filter node. This duplicated the output and gave me two output lines. 

That's what I get for overthinking it :) 

Just marking this one as solved. :-)