Splitting <tr> into new columns

I’m using mac version of KNIME. I want to create simple project by getting html table fragment using xpath. The problem is when I choose elements I get data like this:

I want to split id, movie name and hours watch in new columns. I tried using Cell splitter, but I can’t do it as there’s not separator. Is there away to insert a specific symbol after the end of each element in so I can split this data? Can someone help me?

Thank You.

Welcome to the forum @lukas221.

In the future, can you provide more context? Ideally we’d need example data and/or an example workflow so that we have something to work with. It’ll also help if you tell us more about what you’ve tried.

For your issue, I think the mistake is trying to extract the entire table at once, instead of piece by piece.

Assuming you’re trying to extract data from the main table on https://top10.netflix.com/, I recommend using separate XPaths, one for each column.

When configuring each XPath, use wildcards for the table rows. . For example, column 1 ("#") is


I got the paths from a browser using the Inspect feature and made the wildcard modifications where necessary.

Make sure to select “Multiple Rows” in the Multiple tag options box.


This is the end result:



Hi, thanks for the fast reply! I’ll try to add more specifics next time. But your answer sold my issue, thank you!


Great, I’m glad it helped. Can you mark this as solved?

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