Sports League Matches Result Prediction

Hello Everyone!

I am fairly new to Knime, and I was wondering if there is an example to show score predictions for remaining league matches.

Thanks for your cooperation in advance!

Hi Feras,
for league matches you mean soccer Champions League ?
I am not entirely sure if we have an example for this,
we could build this together if you have the data.

Have you checked the new workflow hub?

I just wrote soccer there and I found many examples:*7ZtUFgW2OpCsrgUR*6OCrNW4ezgFcPBj5

Those are reports and visualizations but you could pour in the data in this other workflow:*eAGfGtEAIr-1iYR-

and it will automatically create machine learning model for classification

win/lose for each match where win is referred to the team playing in the home-field…
just an idea! we need the data first!


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