Spread strings to columns

Hi @all,

I have a string with IDs like that (up to 100 IDs):


Is there a way to put every ID in a separate Column?

Alternatively: Is there a way to create Columns in Java-Snippet and address these columns via Index to set the value?

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Maybe you could use the row to column node, and perhaps the string manipulation node to obatin proper format of your input string.

Seem's to be pretty difficult, cause I have to parse the input string.

The Result should be like that:

RowID Col#1 Col#2 Col#3 Col#4 …

Line1 134 388 389 54

I've got "row to column node" not to work... But thnx for the hint...

Hi Micha,

you need the cell splitter with '-' as delimiter.

Best, Iris 

Hi Iris,

ok, it wasn't difficult :-)

Your hint works fine...

Thanks a lot!

BW, Michael.


PS: In Germany there is an idiom for that situation: "I can't see the forest because of the lots of trees" :-)