SQL Code Execution - LOOP?

So I have a setup in Knime that gathers data from 4 sites via GET, combines the data points, and writes them to a database. There are 9 columns being written, the first of which is a timestamp.

Data is collected every 7 seconds. This means the DB table gets big quickly. So I wrote a MySQL script that cleans the data. It's in the database SQL Executor on the right side. 

My problem is that I can't seem to find a way to automate its execution? All I want to do is have the script run every minutes or so. 

Any input?

Hi Sterling,

how about using any of the switches in KNIME?

You can for example setup a switch which activates the first port on each 10th iteration of your loop.

Here are some examples how switches can be used in KNIME: https://www.knime.com/nodeguide/control-structures/switches

Does this help here?

Best, Iris 

Thanks for your response Iris. I'm still unsure how I could use a switch as you described. My loop runs indefinitely - how would I apply the logic for the switch to run code every 10 iterations? Further, how do I link a switch to the Database SQL Executor?

Any help is appreciated.