sql connect with with python in place of knime connect with python

i have some work in knime for which i pooled data from SQL now i need to link this data from python.
i have a question that why knime ? why not i should not i have to connect direct SQL with knime ?
CAn any one help me on this

Hi @Rohanjaiswal , welcome to the community!

Your question wasn’t so clear, but I understand that you need to think about your need. Why you will use each one, when you need call knime, SQL or python for it? Each one have your particular functions and can help to integrate with others.

I understand that:

1- SQL data base will store data and can be used to select some information on demand;
2- Python and Knime can help you with calcs, searchs, manipulations with own way;
3- Ask yourself if you need all these resources or part of it and the real momment for it.

Can it clear the answer for you?




Apologies but I do not understand your question. There is a guide for asking questions here. You might want to take a look at that first.


Hi @Daniel_Weikert ,

I’m sorry if I wasn’t understood before, but I believe that the questions should bring clearer contexts.

The question involved 3 different applications/systems that can be directed according to needs. He can follow different paths and reach the same result, my question was exactly about the point of clarifying these needs and the dependencies that they may or may not have, it will depend solely on his understanding.

I’m sorry but your answer seemed a little rude, but maybe it’s due to the translation/interpretation of what is written. The clearer the questions are, including examples if possible, the better the answers.

Thank you for your feedback and I hope I can contribute more to the community and learn more from each other!



Hi @denisfi -

I’m fairly sure Daniel was responding to the original poster and not you. Perhaps lost in translation? We’re all buddies here :slight_smile:

Hopefully the OP will come back and give us some more detail to work with.


Sure @ScottF … i’m happy to help all the community and i learn alot with all questions… it’s a challenge all the time!

I’m not bring it to personal side… we’re all from the force side! lol




A apologies @denisfi
I was referring to the question creator.
But thanks for your reply. Appreciate your support in the forum here


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