SQL connection

I all...again

After working with MySQL, I have to work with SQL server.

I already make connections to an ORACLE and SQL for Razor, Knime works also with ORACLE,

but not with SQL.

Driver : sqljdbc4.jar
Node Database Writer : Database Driver : com.microsoft.sqlserver.jdbc.SQLServerDriver, Database URL : jdbc:sqlserver:// < alias>
and have to use sigle sign on for user / password

Mainly, i receive : login failed for user : ''
I try to put user/pwd (based on NT account).....no more success

Note that I'm administrator of this <alias>

What's wrong....?



How does your <alias> look like; I use:


You also need to enter user and password from your database(!) account, SSO through KNIME or its nodes is currently not supported.

Hi Daniel,

Thank's for the SSO information...I can stop with that feature !!!

Now I receive always timeout.

Normally, I should be able to login only with alias (ex : db-Test )



Sorry, Gabriel.....

That's what I receive back :



Account is supported by using jdbc:jtds:sqlserver from sourceforge

It works well

Thank's and nice w-end