SQL: Declare variables in Database Table Connector node


apparently it is not possible to declare variables in a Database Table Connector node with SQL code like 

SET @Var1 = 1
SET @Var2 = 2
SELECT @Var1 'Var1', @Var2 'Var2'

I am getting the error "Execute failed: Incorrect syntax near the keyword 'DECLARE'.".

I am using KNIME 3.5 on Windows 7 and the database I am connecting to is MS SQL Server 2014.

Any chance that variable declarations in SQL will be supported in the future?

Thank you and kind regards

AFAIR, you should end the second DECLARE statement with a semi-colon (;). The same applies to the second SET statement and, I think, the same would apply to the SELECT statement, thus rendering the GO command useless.

Thanks for that hint. I tried all kinds of combinations I found in Microsoft documentations but unfortunately I could not get it running.

I heard KNIME will update the SQL nodes in one of the next releases, so maybe it will be supported in the future. Not a big deal for us now but would be nice to have.