SQL Query results as inputs to Multiple selection input quickform

Still riding with training wheels on.  I am wondering if there is a way to read data from a SQL database and input the returned values (an array of strings) to a Multiple Selection Input QuickForm.  

I have a database containing system level resource utilization metric data.  I am hoping that to (1) reduce the amount of data being read from the database and (2) allow for Webportal user to generate his/her own reports of interest that I can query from the database a list of possible selection values (e.g., system hostnames) and then, after allowing the user to select the systems of interest, to input the selections to the larger query that will pull back a larger set of data records.

SO, the question is, how do I input the array of strings returned from my query to a multiple selection input quick form?

Thanks Knimers for the helping hand.




Hi Brad,

have you tried the 'Value Filter' Quickform node?