sql server field names with bracket


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I’m trying to write data to a sqlserver using the database writer node. I’m running into a small problem. I have a column called Group which is a reserved word in sqlserver. Normally I would put brackets around field calling [Group]. I’m not sure how I do this in Knime. Is it through a rename column or do I do something on the database writer node?

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using knime v3.6.2 to sqlserver 2012

I found article Work-around for Database Reserved Words. Which should help me get around the reserved word but I’m having difficulties getting t to work.

I use a database reader to read a table, do a column rename, then do a database writer. I’ve tried several variations of above article. The field is Group. I have renamed it to [Group], [Group], and ~[~Group~[~ but I’m apparently make a mistake in its format. Any ideas?


Hi @Jeff -

It looks like you are using the tilde (~) character instead of the backquote (`) character as suggested in the linked thread. If you use the backquote, does it perform any better?

(Note that the backquote character introduces some monospaced text formatting in the forum software.)


I used the back quote character but as you say it doesn’t show up in the message. I have since learned the back quote is based on what odbc driver you are using. Specifically I think the back quote is used in the jTDS driver and may not be applicable to the jODBC driver from Microsoft.

I’ll look into what is to be used with jODBC driver and also try to download and try the jTDS driver as well.