[SQLITE_ERROR] SQL error or missing database (no such table)

Hi .. For a learning project, I was using the "01 Collecting Data for Twitter" example workflow and it is working perfectly. To expand on the data set the example is using I needed to create a new table in the same tweet_db database which I did using this script:

CREATE TABLE [KNIME_twitter_stuff](
    Tweet varchar(255), 
    "Tweet ID" Long, 
    Time varchar(255), 
    Favorited integer, 
    Retweeted integer, 
    "Is Favourited" boolean, 
    "Is Retweeted" boolean, 
    "Is Retweet" boolean, 
    "Retweet from" varchar(255), 
    Latitude double, 
    Longitude double, 
    "Country User" varchar(255), 
    "User - Name" varchar(255), 
    "User - ID Number" Long, 
    "User - Description" varchar(255), 
    "User - URL" varchar(255), 
    "User - Creation time" varchar(255), 
    "User - Language" varchar(255), 
    "User - Location" varchar(255), 
    "User - Time Zone" varchar(255), 
    "User - Statuses" integer, 
    "User - Followers" integer, 
    "User - Friends" integer, 
    "User - Favourites" integer);

I updated the "Twitter Search" module to fetch the additional data and the "Database Update" module to deal with the additional fields and data. The "SQLite Connector" has not been updated because the table is in the same DB.

Now I am getting and error Execute failed: [SQLITE_ERROR] SQL error or missing database (no such table: KNIME_twitter_stuff) when the "Database Update" module executes.

Is there something I missed? If anyone has any ideas I would be really grateful for solution suggestions.





it seems the table KNIME_twitter_stuff does no longer exists in the SQLite db file. Have youo connected the Database Update node to the correct SQLite Connector node? You can also use the Database Table Selector to see which tables exist in the db. Just connect it to the SQLite Connector, open the dialog and press the Fetch Metadata button to get a list of all tables.