SSH Connector suddenly failed: Invalid UINT32 value: -2064479968

Hey there,

i just created a workflow to get a file from a SFTP modify it and upload it back again.
Everything worked out fine for several days, but today KNIME can´t connect via SSH Connector anymore.

Error Message:
Execute failed: DefaultOpenFuture[SftpChannelSubsystem[id=0, recipient=-1]-ClientSessionImpl[][sftp]]: Failed (IllegalArgumentException) to execute: Invalid UINT32 value: -2064479968

I can however connect via FileZilla with the same credentials as used in the SSH Connector.
How can i determine what the problem is here ?

Thanks for any help or other ways to connect to SFTP via KNIME.

Hi @Yannick_Jasper -

What version of KNIME and operating system do you use? Did you recently update KNIME prior to the failure?

Interesting that FileZilla is still working…

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