SSH node using key file

My workflow creates several files.
These files are required to be sent into respective FTP folders.
Each ftp folder has its own userid and password but all are on the same host.

I wish to softcode the userid and password.
If I softcode userid password, the workflow wont get too complex.
If I hardcode the userid password, I will have to build 10 nodes corresponding to the 10 ftp folders I need.

If there is a way to use the key file? Will that do it?
Has anyone done something similar?
Does anyone have a sample of a Authentication Keyfile?


Hi @Shai

Instead of login in with user/password you login with the keyfile (and the password for the keyfile)
So you will not reduce the amount of different login information in your example.

The keyfile has to be authorized by the server admin. I guess he could assign you one user for all folders…but I think he could do the same for the user/password login.

Well you generate two keyfiles (public/private) e.g. with PuttyGen
The public user+keyfile gets the authorization for the FTP server/location
Then you reference the private keyfile in your marked yellow location and in the password field you enter your private-keyfile password - everything is the same as with user/password

Maybe another idea how to reduce the amount of FTP Connection nodes, could you maybe just loop through the connection tasks?
But I am not sure if this can be done without having the password as plain text (as there is no interactivity with credential variables :frowning:

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Hi @AnotherFraudUser,

Yes, I used variables to manage the situation and yes via a loop.
All done!



Great to hear! :slight_smile:
*can you close the thread - so it is shown as resolved?

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