SSH not working for SFTP


I am trying to connect to an SFTP server using the SSH connection node recommended on some of the other threads on this forum. Others seem to have had some success with this but I am encountering a problem.

I can connect successfully using FileZilla and can view the directories etc. However, when I connect with exactly the same credentials using SSH then I get an error - Connection to XXXX failed. Unable to resolve path.

I note that the url in the SSH connection node is automatically prefixed by ssh:// rather than sftp:// as in filezilla. Could this be causing the issue? I assume not since there was no suggestion to override this somehow on the other threads.

Any help would be much appreciated!

Is the path on the remote filesystem to which you’re connecting either root (jailed or not,) or a child directory whose parent directory the authenticating user has no read permissions?

Thanks for the fast response @quaeler! I am not entirely sure how to determine this but based on the fact I can access all directory levels in FileZilla, I’d guess that I it’s not an authentication issue of the type you describe. Sorry I can’t post any screenshots or details (it’s business-related and therefore can’t be shared).

Ok - just to be pedantic and read back what you wrote, you are connecting to the remote system at /some/directory to which you can browse /some in FileZilla - ya? If so, i don’t have a good idea what the problem might be then. :- /

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