Stacked Area Chart not showing the exact input values

Why doesn’t the Stacked Area Chart node show the exact input data values?

I’m running the example workflow Visual Analysis of Sales Data

If you inspect the data produced by the Row Filter Node (right click -> filtered) you can see a row with date 2009-05-20 and amount 1600. But in the chart it is printed with a value lower than 1400.

Why this behaviour? I know there is an interpolation operation but it should just fill in the missing values to print a continuous chart, not modify the actual values. So why this behaviour?

Thanks in advance,

Hi @Luke -

You’ve surmised correctly that this is due to interpolation. In this case, the default interpolation method, basis, is a B-spline method that sacrifices some accuracy to make the curves look prettier.

If you change the interpolation to linear, you’ll see the exact values represented in the plot, it’s just not quite as easy on the eyes:


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