Stacking and StackingC Weka nodes not recording the list of classifiers

Hi, I'm using Knime v2.12.1 with Weka Data Mining Integration (3.7) v2.12.0.0047562.

I am trying to use the Stacking and StackingC Weka nodes but they are not recording the parameter "classifiers". If, for example, I choose 3 different classifiers to perform stacking and close the dialog window with the ok button, and then reopen the dialog window, there is only one classifier selected (the first of the 3 classifers I chose previously). Are the Stacking(C) Weka nodes reliable or there is indeed some issue?

EDIT: I have the same issue on Knime V3.0

Thank you in advance for the help.

Miguel C

Hi Miguel,

thanks a lot for reporting this issue! I found the cause and fixed it. It will be available with the next release, at latest in December.



Hi Martin,

Thank you for the feedback.

Best regards,