always needs to run?


I just installed and configured Knime Server 4.12, and noted that I only can run workflows succesfully through the Web Portal if I manually start the script in the Knime exceutor directory, and keep it running.

Is this really meant to work this way, do I need to keep this running in a terminal? What of I want to log out from the executor server? I don’t recall this being necessary in older server versions.

Please advise/Evert

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you can run the executor as a service as you can see here: KNIME Server Installation Guide


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OK, will give it a try, thanks for your swift response

I just added the Knime executor path to the knime-server.config file under…\workflow-repositories\config, but this does not make a difference, the Web Portal only works if I manually start the executor startup script. Why? Again, I have previously had no issues with this, there was no need to do this with earlier versions…

‘Note that this interface is only a temporary solution and will go away in the future.’ it says when you start the script, so who knows…

Hi Evert,

We switched the default KNIME Server <-> Executor communication on all installations to a Queue based (qpid for single instances, rabbitMQ for distributed). Therefore the KNIME executor doesn’t run as a sub process of the KNIME Server and now independently.

As @sven-abx already mentioned: Just install a second service and you will be able to stop the executor for maintenance tasks like updates and installation of extensions.


I had a shot at it but no succes so far, still need to start the executor manually for it to work.

In knime-executor.service what should I set as KNIME_EXECUTOR_WORKSPACE?

Thank you/Evert

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This setting points to the workspace of the executor, where temporary data is stored during the execution of workflows. You can point it to any location with enough diskspace. On which OS do you install the KNIME Server, Linux or Windows?

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Ubuntu 18.04.

So /tmp could be a good choice?

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This would be possible, but as the Executor log is stored in this folder also (under KNIME_EXECUTOR_WORKSPACE/.metadata/knime/knime.log) you will loose this on each Server restart. Per default the setting is


Where ~ is the home directory of the user that is running the KNIME executor. Beside the logs (which don’t exceed a given size) it gets cleaned regularly so you can leave this setting at the default.

If you don’t mind the missing logs you can set it to /tmp also, but I would suggest to use /tmp/knime-executor instead to divide this from other temp files.

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Redid everything and got it to work after starting the new knime-executor.service manually.

Thanks for your input!


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Sounds good, congratulations.

If you want to start up KNIME Server and Executor automatically after a system restart enable the services via

systemctl enable knime-server.service
systemctl enable knime-executor.service

All the best,

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