Start new workflow after csv writer

Hi all!

The Python node is limited to 2 input tables.
I want to read in 4 tables as input tables in Python.
I wrote the 4 tables with the CSV writer node to disk.
Now I want to load the file location in one table as input table for the Python node to read in manually in Python the 4 tables from the filepath. :wink:

How is it possible to check if the 4 CSV writer are executed to read the filese in a new list files node?
In general is it possible to start a new workflow from CSV writer node?
It should work in one execution and in one workflow.


You can use flow variable connections to order execution of unconnected nodes:


Will this help?

— Robert


ok and how I check if a Node was executed? Where i check the condition?

Hi @mink -

At the workflow level, the “traffic lights” give you an indication of the status of the node. In the screenshot above, the Empty Table Switch node has completed, while the CSV Reader node completed with some warnings, as indicated by the yellow triangle. (You can mouse over the yellow triangle for more information on the nature of the error.) If a node is in progress, you will generally see a blue status bar.

Within a Python Snippet node, you can always run Python code line by line if needed, and view the results of the execution using the built in console.

Ok thank you Scott but I meant something different. The solution for my problem is to use the Call Local Workflow node. First I create these 4 CSV files and in the next workflow I read in the 4 files with one node an in python I open these files this works.

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