Starting of workflow on specific day in the month (2nd weekday per month (no weekend))


is it possible to start the Knime workflow on a specific day in the month? So, it should start on the second weekday of the month not second day of the month, second weekday (so not on a weekend). I want to create a daily schedule but the workflow should fail every day expect on the second weekday of the month. Is that possible with a date&time node?

Thank you.

You could use KNIME Server / Business Hub for workflow automation.

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Try this approach. I’m sure it can be improved, but if I understand you correctly, it does what you want. I haven’t done extensive QA.


Thanks. I tried it with Knime Server but second weekday in a month is not possible. Just second day per month.

I entered in the Table Creator the planned execution dates and I want to check with todays date, if the dates are the same. If true the workflow should start and otherwise the workflow should fail. In Knime Server I created a schedule for every day. But the workflow should check if the dates are true. Do you know a node, which is checking if the value is true or false and then the workflow should start or fail? Thank you.

Hello Frank

I don’t know a particular node , but i solved once a very similar problem.
Just in my case I was testing if the workflow was already executed in that day.
in you example could be something like this:
1 ) Transform your logic above in a component
2) the last tool of the component would be variable switch
3) if is the condition you want to run the switch goes out side the component
4) If the condition fails does’nt matter. would be inside
5) connect the node on the top o the main flow.

Visually would be something like this :

( last node inside the component)

If you really want to see an error You could add a logic that fails in the lower exit of the switch
hope this helps

I added the workflow with the logic, but I’m not sure, how to do it with the component and the switch node. Can you help?

KNIME_Start Workflow automatic.knwf (41.1 KB)

Hve you tried the workflow I provided in your original post?


Eventually You will have to adapt, but the ideia would be

Here , since yours do not execute if the result is an empty table and seems you need a table with inputs, it makes more sense to let the the input table outside the node and take advantage of the empty table switch.
Did some tests seems to be working

Hi @Frank2323 -

I combined both of your threads into this one. Please help us keep the forum tidy, and don’t start multiple topics about the same question. :slight_smile:


Can you provide it by download? It looks helpful.

So at which node, does the workflow fail? I added my workflow again but with Joiner node and different dates in the input table. In the second workflow todays date is missing and the workflow should fail and I want to get an error message and the excel writer should not write an ouput.
How can I do that?

KNIME_Start Workflow automatic_V2.knwf (50.8 KB)

Es funktioniert nun mit diesem Workflow. Vielen Dank für die Hilfe.

KNIME_Start Workflow automaticV3.knwf (22.4 KB)

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