Starting Tableau asynchronously from KNIME

I have a dataset from KNIME which I would like to visualise using Tableau. I am running on Windows.

I am using an External Tool (Labs) node to call the Tableau executable. This opens up a Tableau session, but the node does not complete until I quit Tableau. 

Is there a way for the tool to start the process and let it run indepedently, that is, not wait for any output, so that workflow can continue?

i have attached the simple workflow.



Hi David!

I didn't know that is possible to connect Knime with Tableau.

Can you share a link where I can find more information?

Thank you.

Thanks, I found a way in the end. It simply finds the executable and call it using a java snippet, calling Runtime

I've attached a node, this takes a table input, writes it as a csv before calling Tableau Desktop with the data. The node searches in the install directory for the latest version of Tableau Desktop, hence a bunch of stuff for finding out which version of the Tableau to use (should be the latest)

 The snippet code is 

rt = Runtime.getRuntime();    
try {    
    p = rt.exec(c_Filepath + "\\bin\\tableau.exe --file " + v_TableauInputFile);
} catch (IOException e) {};

where c_Filepath is the installation directory for the Tableau, and v_TableauInputFile is the input as csv file.