Stata extension?


I am new to Knime, but getting the hang of it.  As a matter of interest, is anybody working on a Stata extension for Knime?

I haven't heard about a project covering Stata, but you might want to look into KNIME's R integration for this purpose. At least here it has been mentioned to work via R.

Yes, the foreign package actually looks promisisng...

And in fact it was extremely straightforward.  Attached is a metanode that calls the foreign library in R to read a stata file into KNIME. 


The way "in" is easy (also with SPSS), the way "out and back in" not quite. It'd be a grand thing to run Stata, VBA/SQL and other code edited in KNIME on KNIME data, with results returned back to KNIME just like the R nodes do...



Being able to run Stata code as easily as R code would be very helpful for those of use with complex samples.