statistic Tests with over 1000 different input sets

Hello everyone,
I’ve been doing so much research here in the Knime forum the last few days that I’ve decided to create an Account and see if someone here can help me find a solution for my problem a little bit faster.
Just a few words about me: I would consider myself a beginner in Knime and I’m currently using it to analyze data for my bachelors degree.

Now to my problem:
The Dataset I’m trying to analyze contains information about the Sales of a lot of different Pharmaceuticals being sold in Germany since January 2018 till December 2021. Every month ist a separate Excel sheet containing information about the pharmaceutic product like the pharma-central-number, the pack size, the strength and also the supplier (the exact same medicament can be sold by many suppliers). There are two columns listing the different prices the suppliers offer (prices CAN be changed every 1. and 15. of every month). To make for example a correlation test between price and number of sales i have to put several row filter’s (picture 1) so that the the final table only shows one product being sold by different suppliers (picture 2). I would like to repeat that procedure for every single medicament there is in the dataset.(picture3)

Is it possible to include a kind of automated row filter that takes the matching patterns from a table?

I’m not sure if i did explain it right, so i will include a few screenshots, but if there are any questions, just comment and i will reply (german or spanish would be easier :smiley: )

Thanks a lot in advance :slight_smile:

Without deep understanding of your intent I wood suggest to look at

node examples for automatic group processing.

Thanks a lot for your quick answer!
Based on the node description and the various youtube tutorials i watched about that node, it should be the node I’m looking for. Unfortunately I still have a few problems regarding my workflow but i will keep trying :slight_smile:

Hi @Vincentsoy , if you encounter additional issues, and if you can’t solve them, you’re always welcome to share so others can take a look and offer opinions.

@Vincentsoy I like the flexibility of the node:

You wold have to provide the relevant list maybe with a group by. Maybe you could check the examples provided, like this one

@badger101 That’s nice to hear and i will definitely come back to it :slight_smile: right now I’m reading a lot and watching some tutorials to get a better understanding of KNIME which, by the way, is much more powerful than i thought in the beginning!

@mlauber71 Thats indeed a very practical tool! I just didn’t really use loops since you guys told me to try them and with enough patience, they’re working pretty well :slight_smile:

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