Statistical Data Sampling for Audits


Does anyone use KNIME to perform statistical data sampling for audits? For contracting typically the tool EZQuant by DCAA is used to input a cost universe and output a dataset that has been stratified by high and low and randomly sampled by that strat, that data can then be used to review and perform internal audits. I really like the KNIME platform and see it has a row sampling node and several other statistical nodes, though I am not very familiar with them yet. Wanted to see if other users out there are familiar with EZQuant and have used KNIME to replace the functions of that tool. Anyone with experience with this?

Hi @PatMt

I would suggest to you the row sampling node. The possibly nice feature is that, if you want your results to be reproducible, you can even use a static seed. But I am not familiar with the tool you suggested, so I cannot say if it is exactly comparable.



Thank You @ana_ved. I will check into this node some more.

I think the KNIME sampling node might be very different from the tool and functions you describe and also if EZQuant is used for audits they might want very specific procedures.

I am neither familiar with EZQuant nor with external tool support in KNIME. But I would explore the possibility to integrate it via this node.

As a side note there is external tool support for Linux and Mac also but EZQuant would probably not run on these systems.


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