Statistical Predictions

Hello, everyone!

I’ve just started usin Knime, and I would apreciate if you could help me.
I have a data base with historical sales and I need to generate sales forecasts for the next 3 months using SARIMA model. But I need to do this for all the combinations of ChanelXFamily I have. My data base is a table like the image below:

For the output I am expecting something like this:

I was able to generate a forecast filtering manually one combination of chanelXfamily, but since I have more than 100 combinations it won’t be viable to do one by one.
How can I do this automatically?

Hope you can help me.

Hi @LahysPortugal,

if I understand your question correctly, you might be looking for the Group Loop Start (and Loop End) node.
In there, you can configure the node to include CHANEL and FAMILY (and tick Enforce inclusion, to avoid any other columns being added to the group).

That will do everything you have in between start and end for each combination of CHANEL and FAMILY, one after another.

Hope this helps!

Kind regards

ps. if your KNIME has internet access, you can simply drag&drop the links in my post into your workflow :slight_smile:


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