Statistics node missing Statistic request


In the statistics node, nearly all the main statistics are there such as Mean, Minimum, Maximum, Number of Missing Datapoints, St. Dev. etc. However, suprisingly, the Total Number of Datapoints is missing. This is quite an important statistic and would really appreciate if this can be added into the Statistics node in a future release.



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Oh my an old one that seems to still be an issue… Agreed. This is useful in small data environments like Marketing when the amount of data is not consistent and depends on the type of data. In my current, scenario I wanted to see if I had some fields that were missing too much data… all I see is the missing number but not the total… which doesn’t help me know if the amount or percentage of missing data is too high.

btw: this seems to also be an issue in the Data Explorer.

@ScottF maybe you can share with the time. thx

Also the view Interactive Context Menu option may make more sense to group with the other view Data options at the bottom. Keeping like functions together. I missed the Interactive view buttons a couple times before I decided to look it up on Youtube. I suggest it might be more intuitive with over View Options.

I agree that having the percentage of missing data is the more relevant metric. I know that our UI design team is currently reworking the display of tabular data for a future release, to include more summary statistics by default. I’ll relay your feedback. :slight_smile: