Stats on row matching an index ?

Hi everyone,

I have just started using Knime and I’m pretty excited about the possibilities. - though I’ll need some time to have a feel for it and a sense for good and bad analysis strategies.
Also apologies if I am very bad at explaining my situation, all of this is fairly new to me.

So, I have Table1 with 200k rows/values. Those 200k values a distributed in different groups and I would like to perform statistical analyses group by group.

Right now, I have generated an ID in a new column that allow me to see which group a row belongs to.
NB: All values in the same group have the same ID.
I have also created a table that list all the IDs in one column (index).

My current idea is to screen Table1 using the index. All values with the same ID would be pooled together for statistical analysis.

Here is a schematic of what I would like to achieve:

Is it possible to do that? If not, what would you recommend?

Hi @C-Rey,

I think the GroupBy node is what you’re looking for. It will allow you to will allow you to go directly from your Table 1 to your Output table. You’d group by ID and then aggregate the Values using Sum or whatever aggregation method you’d like.


This is great thank you!
I completely missed one layer of features of the GroupBy node.

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