Stop String to DateTime from truncating seconds

When using string to DateTime, the seconds get truncated if it is :00.
Is there any way to avoid this?

This is the formatting im using:

Hi @thentangler , the formatting that you are referring to is for the input, not for the output.

It looks like you are converting the time only? Why can’t you share a bit more of what is being done? I feel so boxed in with these screenshots. The more you show us, the more info we have, and the more helpful it is to help. As I always say “help us help you”.

The output should give you :00.

EDIT: I just tested, and indeed it does not show the :00. I guess it should not be important as a time type. 19:04 = 19:04:00. Just like in decimal, 1.5 = 1.50 = 1.500 = 1.5000

Having 19:04 as 19:04:00 is just a display thing, in which case you will have to have it as string.


Hi @bruno29a . Sorry to for the late reply.
I would have included more info or attached my workflow, but I thought the issue was standard so I didn’t. Will definitely keep that in mind for the future. Thank you for that suggestion.

So would I need to convert it to string in order to add the :00 .
I was using regex in an R node to manipulate the timestamp and add the :00. This is easier and will keep my R code less complicated.
Thank You!

You are most welcome @thentangler

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