Stop Word Filter : Error (input location is a directory)

Hi, I am currently text mining on a folder having pdf files in it. I am using “stop word filter” but its not working. In a Tag cloud, it still shows some common words like “is, are” etc. Stop word filter don’t have issue while execution, shows green but if you open the filter, error shows just below the “selected file” option that “error: input location is a directory”. I am unable to change the path for file too.
I have used POS tagger, case converter, punctuation erasure, number filter before stop word filter.


Hey Rashid,

the current version of the ‘Stop Word Filter’ is partly broken, especially if you want to select an own stop word list. However the built-in list should work fine. There will be a new version of the node coming with the next release in July.
As a workaround, you could import your dictionary with the ‘Table Reader’ node and use the ‘Dictionary Filter’ instead of the ‘Stop Word Filter’ to filter terms.