Stop workflow to ensure nodes are being configured correctly


I have a Workflow with several nodes which require a manual configuration by me before my Workflow should be executed. Excel Reader nodes need a new path configuration, some Constant Value Nodes need new input, a Rule Engine Node needs to adjusted and some Row Filters need to be configured.

I’m looking for a way to force me to perform these node configurations each time before I execute my workflow. Ideally stopping the workflow if those modifications have not been done.

I’m using KNIME 4.6.3 currently. I asked ChatGPT about this and it suggested using a “Node View: Configure” by way of rightclicking on a node but either it’s hallucinating or my version does not support this.

I was wondering if there is a “simple” way to achieve this?

I use this component. You just attach it to a node by flow variable. When disable is selected it will turn off all downstream execution.

Enable-Disable Flow – KNIME Community Hub

You just need to remember to make sure it is set to disable before before saving or when opening.


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