Stopping a workflow using breakpoint

Hi there,

I’m a new user making the transition to KNIME, loving it so far.

One thing I cannot find out how to do is use a breakpoint to stop a workflow.
I’ve got this workflow that loads a spreadsheet, and checks to see that the correct columns are present.
It finds the non-matching columns and then this is used to trigger a breakpoint.


My question is how do I line this up so that if the breakpoint is triggered then all work stops? Essentially I would like to run the check, if all ok allow/enable the workflow.

I just can’t figure out which node I should use!


Hi @MatthewT and welcome to the forum.

In this case you might try connecting a flow variable output from the Breakpoint node to any downstream branch that you want to not execute. In your workflow that appears to be the String Replacer.

Thank you - one click wonder - I love it!
Many thanks


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